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Hydrogen Fire Due to Inadequate Maintenance


Severity: Minor Plant Damage Estimated Asset Damage: Production Time Event Description: During routine maintenance at a solvent manufacturing plant, a worn gasket was accidentally replaced by a smaller gasket which resulted in a gradual leak in a hydrogen pipe. The leak wasn’t picked up during testing (most likely [...]

Hydrogen Fire Due to Pinhole Leak


Severity: Hydrogen Fire Estimated Asset Damage: Property Damage Event Description Before welding, a contractor noticed a flame coming from a hydrogen pipe that was did not appear to be in use within the aircraft manufacturing plant. Despite several attempts to extinguish the fire,  it grew larger and [...]

Leaky Valve in Chemical Plant Causes Fire


Severity: Two Injured Employees Estimated Asset Damage: Production Time & Injury Compensation Event Description: While performing maintenance on a dehydrogenation reactor a blind flange was removed and caused a hydrogen leak. The combination of outside air and hydrogen from the remote control valve became combustible gas, [...]